LOVE’s specialized educational programs are evidence-based and proven to be effective. A three-year national metrics evaluation was completed in December 2012. The external research team was comprised of Dr. Rob Whitley, McGill University, Dept. of Psychiatry, Dr. Robert Hawkins, New York University, School of Social Work, and Dr. Stan Chase and Dr. Steven Shaw, Dept. of Educational Technology, Concordia University.


  • Over 80 % stated that their violent behaviour had decreased after participation in LOVE
  • Over 80% stated that their likelihood to stay in school had increased after participation in LOVE.
  • Participants had much better ‘pro-social’ and ‘anti-violence’ views as compared to when they first entered the program.
  • The programs had a strong effect on skill acquisition.

LOVE works with the Child Welfare Institute to evaluate our progress on a yearly basis.